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Chase Hensel, Co-Founder, Welkin HealthChase Hensel, Co-Founder
Business revolves around consumers; the healthcare system revolves around patients. Enhancing patient care is crucial for healthcare providers to achieve high degrees of patient satisfaction and retention. With digitalization driving greater awareness, patients expect better and more cost-effective care. This also emphasizes the need to develop robust digital care management to retain patients and reach out to new ones. The challenge for the care teams boils down to finding a Patient Relationship Management software that focuses on their patients while aiming for better workflows and simpler reporting systems. While some care teams mix and match EHRs/EMRs, CRMs, spreadsheets, and patient portals, many lack access to a unified platform that can efficiently manage patient data. Rising to this predicament, California-based Welkin Health is empowering healthcare organizations to deliver patient-centered care. In an ambitious bid to assist healthcare professionals in strengthening relationships with patients, Welkin delivers solutions that effectively integrate patient data from different systems and enable care managers to get a 360-degree view of their patient.

“Six years ago, we started running a Diabetes Management program, before moving on to the development of products designed to make the life of care managers easier. The goal was really to help care teams deliver efficient and effective care to their patients,” says Chase Hensel, co-founder and CEO at Welkin.
Having already worked with vulnerable populations such as people struggling with addiction, abuse problems, or diabetes, Welkin ensures that care teams have the right tools to be proactive about wellness in order to generate positive outcomes. Welkin’s software identifies the people who need assistance and enables care teams to prioritize patient outreach and reach members on any device, including SMS, phone call, and email. Helping clients to design patient-centric program from scratch, Welkin takes a consultative approach to help clients build strong and meaningful relationships with patients and deliver unmatched care. It enables care managers to proficiently track patient data and scale up their services.

Welkin’s value-based PRM software delivers positive health outcomes for patients through flexible, personalized program design. The digital health company has effectively replaced the client’s outdated legacy systems with versatile, configurable products designed for handling different types of patient cases. The team at Welkin uses APIs to develop unique codeless programs that provide real-time updates about a patient’s health. Welkin has effectively replaced rigid traditional products like the Vulcan with Workshop, its codeless PRM development platform tool. The tool puts power back in the hands of healthcare organizations, allowing them to easily launch and scale patient programs and services at their desired speed, without writing a line of code or relying on custom engineering. It effectively sets up the business logic and also determines the specifics of the program that should be administered. The deployment process of Welkin’s user-friendly product usually takes about a month and begins with the training of care staff to acclimatize them to the new tool. The data collected through phone calls, emails, as well as EHR and other integrations like device apps start to be thoroughly analyzed and stored for further use. The platform offers an intuitive interface where the clinicians can view the analytics at the population level, enabling the program specifics to be refined and reiterated.

With its configurable solutions, Welkin has successfully streamlined the workflow for its clients and enabled them to enhance patient engagement. In an instance, Welkin has helped many clients who were struggling to create efficient patient management processes. It has also been a great tool for those who did not have effective software, or too many tools and spreadsheets that they were working from. This has helped many to improve operations and increase productivity. Welkin helped clients to scale their health metrics dramatically by incorporating its agile solutions.

Backed by its unique solutions, Welkin aims to simplify healthcare programs and provide a hassle-free experience to the patients. “The current initiative for us is pre-building out-of-the-box products and effectively meeting client requirements, whether it is EMR integrations or restriping video chat,” concludes Hensel. Powered by the expertise of its professionals, it will be interesting to see how Welkin transforms patient management in the upcoming years.

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San Francisco, CA

Chase Hensel, Co-Founder and Michelle Pampin, CEO

Welkin Health configures patient programs into workflows that tell health workers when to do what, ensuring patients get care exactly when they need it. Welkin is patient management software, which guides medical teams to better care. Explicitly designed for relationships between health care professionals and patients, the company's software makes engagement seamless and patient-centered, enabling health workers to build strong relationships for long-term health outcomes.

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