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Top 10 Companies Providing Patient Engagement Solutions - 2021

Technology is woven into the daily lives of patients and physicians alike, making care delivery incredibly simpler for everybody. As healthcare behaviors continue to be influenced by consumerism realities, patient engagement has taken an innovative turn powered by groundbreaking advancements in digital technologies. As a result, care delivery has significantly evolved by leaps and bounds, highlighting the fact that healthcare does not agree with the one-size-fits-all approach anymore.

Telemedicine has come a long way from a futuristic healthcare buzzword to a common form of a doctor visit. While virtual patient visits hold the promise of improving access to care, they also serve to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. Today, most physicians are sending automated appointment reminders to confirm an appointment with patients within minutes. Additionally, advanced billing strategies, cost estimators, and drug pricing comparison tools are casting the light on advancement in areas like price transparency.

As such, the technological progressions in the patient engagement arena have opened up a universe of new possibilities for healthcare technology players to develop and introduce innovative solutions. This implies that healthcare institutions looking for companies providing patient engagement solutions have to choose from a plethora of options.

To make this task easier and assist CIOs in identifying the right companies providing patient engagement solutions, MD Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Companies Providing Patient Engagement Solutions - 2021.”

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the MD Tech Review editorial board has selected the top companies providing patient engagement solutions. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Companies Providing Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Health Companion offers a single unified multichannel patient relationship management software for providers and patients to communicate. The company helps healthcare providers securely collaborate with patients, lower healthcare costs, promote population wellness, and enhance patient satisfaction. Its platform democratizes healthcare data and enables information flow between the patients and the providers. It is highly secure and HIPAA compliant, so healthcare providers need not worry about the integrity of sensitive patient information. The platform is also a consumer tool that allows patients to keep all their medical records in one place and helps them communicate with different providers or entities at the same time without sifting through multiple systems

  • Werq, Inc is a New York-based leading communication and collaboration solution provider that aims at enhancing patient management and communication by providing industry-best solutions, helping practices save time, increase revenue, and focus on care. The company’s proprietary, platform-agnostic chat solution allows healthcare workers to send individual and group messages and exchange files, regardless of their existing EMR. It also goes a step ahead in helping clients mitigate referral leakages that cause them a direct revenue loss and lead to inefficient delivery of care with its Werq Reviews tool.

  • Belong.Life


    The company platform is free for patients, family members, and caregivers around the world, improving quality of life and care, and creating a community. Its patient engagement solutions currently serve one million patients, thousands of healthcare professionals, and dozens of providers worldwide. Belong.Life is growing rapidly, and we are quickly being recognized as the best patient engagement platform in the market

  • DayToDay Health

     DayToDay Health

    Founded and led by MIT alums and experienced professionals, daytoday is dedicated to creating an unprecedented patient care experience before and after medical procedures

  • MedPilot


    MedPilot’s technology transforms patient communication through customized outreach tailored to people's preferences

  • Relatient


    RELATIENT mobilizes existing, real-time healthcare data to automatically build relationships and promote loyalty with the healthcare consumer, drive compliance and adherence, boost revenue, lower costs, and build lasting relationships like no other Patient Engagement and Messaging platform available today

  • 5thPort


    The 5thPort eConsent platform enables to digitally engage with patients, either remotely and/or in-office, to ensure that they fully understand the treatment protocol, risks , benefits and alternative treatments. By delivering consistent, curated information in the patient’s preferred language and allowing it to be consumed conveniently, our electronic informed consent software helps improve outcomes for patients and providers

  • ClinOne


    ClinOne is the leading remote patient experience management solution created to improve clinical trial enrollment and remote patient compliance. The ClinOne Platform facilitates a digital connection and creates a compelling experience for patients and sites from initial recruitment through ongoing monitoring and data collection

  • Doctible


    Doctible is a healthcare SaaS platform for engaging patients and automating back-office workflow to help practices and health systems grow

  • MedAssist


    Insured or not, everything that goes into the non-clinical part of the patient experience is a complicated maze of financial traps and hoops… for both patients and hospitals. Hospital leaders can now simplify the financial experience for both patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care